To give our customers the best possible service experience.  

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Appliance Repair in Duluth




We strive to give you service quality and integrity. Our second generation of ownership was built on knowledge and expertise that has continually evolved as appliances have changed.  

Today our appliances have efficient and sophisticated electronics to give the precise performance and options that make your life easier.  It's frustrating when it's not working.   We're a phone call or email away for assistance.  

We also have the most diverse inventory and service experience on mutliple brands.  



After serving in the Merchant Marines, Bob Olson stayed in Duluth where he was born and raised.  After various jobs, Bob went to work at Glass Block Dept Store for 11 years doing appliance repair.  When Glass Block got out of appliance sales, they encouraged Bob to start up his own company.   Bob opened up his business on Grand Ave in West Duluth.  

​​​​​JOHNSON Appliance  Service 

​​​​​Phone: 218-727-5275 or 715-392-4925

                     *servicing the twin ports since 1952*

In 1978 he sold the appliance sales to Rich Mertz.  Rich had an expertise and flair for selling appliances.   This allowed Bob to focus on his greatest skill, appliance service.  They both moved to 1735 Miller Trunk hwy and ventured forth as separate businesses in the same building, working closely together.  


Jeff Olson, Bob's son, joined the business full time in 1983 doing service.  He attended GM-Frigidaire training and other manufacturers schooling.  Jeff purchased the business in 1991.  Many have know the great service over the years and the long, never ending hours that Bob and Jeff have worked.   At the age of 78, Bob finally retired.  Jeff has continued in Bob's footsteps to offer expert service, integrity, compassion, and fairness that is matched by few in the service industry today.  

Today, Jeff's service team continues to offer expert service on multiple brands, part sales, coin laundry services for multi housing, and the largest coverage of appliance types.   Encompassing a large service area, he leads the team that cares about you, our valued customer.